Changing Yourself and Your Reputation

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This book offers help in making changes — and in getting people to notice them.

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Author Talula Cartwright
ISBN 978-1-60491-069-8
Publisher CCL Press
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Changing is hard work. One part of that work is the change itself. Deciding to change, and then make the change happen, is a big accomplishment.

But what if you're doing all that work and making significant changes — and no one notices? This book shows you how to move on with the second part of the work, the follow-through: getting people to notice that you are changing.

Table of Contents

Changing Yourself and Your Reputation, CCL Press, 2009
A Two-Part Process 7
The Challenge of Personal Change 8
The Challenge of Conflicting Commitments 10
Making Changes 11
Perception is Everything 13
How to Get Noticed 14
Reaching Out 23
Suggested Readings 24
Background 25
Key Point Summary 25

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