Beating the Imposter Syndrome

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Do you feel like you’re faking it? Are you afraid that someone is going to discover you are an impostor, and that you don’t deserve your achievements and successes? You could be suffering from the Impostor Syndrome.

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Author Portia Mount and Susan Tardanico
Publisher CCL Press
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This book will explore what the Impostor Syndrome is, why many high-achieving and driven leaders suffer from it, and how, with the right techniques, you can beat the Impostor Syndrome and embrace your success.

Table of Contents:

Beating the Impostor Syndrome, CCL Press, 2014
Are You an Impostor? 1
How Impostor Syndrome Affects You 2
Wait! I Can Explain! 5
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome 8
Step 1: Focus on Facts 10
Step 2: Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs 14
Step 3: Get Clear On Your Strengths 16
Step 4: Talk About It 18
Parting Thoughts 20

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