Lead 4 Success (L4S) Book + Improvisational Insights: Leadership Lessons from Improv Theatre Cards

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This package combines our popular Lead 4 Success™ book with a FREE Improvisational Insights™ card deck (a $30.00 value).

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Author George Hallenbeck
ISBN 978-1-60491-644-7
Publisher CCL Press

Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu is often credited with the phrase, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Unfortunately, he had nothing to say about which step was the right one. Your journey to be the leader you want to be begins here.

About Lead 4 Succcess™

Lead 4 Success™ sets your development as a leader on the right track, focusing on the 4 fundamental skills that fuel the thoughts and drive the actions of leaders who make a difference: SELF-AWARENESS — understanding who you are and what you have to offer; LEARNING AGILITY — the capability to absorb new information, process it, and use it to meet new challenges quickly and decisively; COMMUNICATION — the ability to establish shared understanding and convey a vision for the future; and INFLUENCE — the power to persuade others to act on that vision. 

Each essential skill is made up of other skills. To ensure the success of your leadership journey, use this book as a guide. Its tools and ideas will help you develop and put into practice the skills that you need to demonstrate true leadership.

About Improvisational Insights™

The Improvisational Insights™ cards are designed to facilitate learning of leadership competencies. Improv activities are an ideal vehicle for such learning because they allow participants to "learn by doing" and are a form of Serious Play, a key element in improv.

The cards are color-coded into the 4 most essential skills for experience-driven leadership: Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Communication, and Influence. Each card describes an essential leadership competency, explains how the competency is practiced in the improv activity, provides suggested discussion questions, and includes instructions for facilitating the activity. While participating in the activity, participants should remain present in the moment and reserve judgment for later reflection.

The deck includes 20 improv activities, a bibliography, and suggested readings.

Table of Contents

Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership, CCL Press, 2014
Introduction VI
Step 1 1
Step 2 23
Step 3 49
Step 4 75
Step 5 91

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